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Manufacturing And Export Toilet Paper In Vietnam

Manufacturing and export toilet paper in Vietnam

Toilet paper is an essential item for Europeans such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, etc. … When an outbreak broke out, people rushed to buy bulk paper to hoard, resulting in scarcity … Finding companies manufacturing and export toilet paper in Vietnam is extremely difficult and important.

The world market for toilet paper.

Currently, the world is coping with epidemics resulting in a shortage of toilet paper. Consumers buy a lot of toilet paper to store, leading to empty toilet paper.

Many companies are looking for expert toilet paper, good quality paper, and safety for users.

Manufacturing And Export Toilet Paper In Vietnam
Manufacturing And Export Toilet Paper In Vietnam

Export toilet paper in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are many companies manufacturing toilet paper.

The production of quality toilet paper is very important, requiring a high level of production experience and a high level of worker skills.

The export of toilet paper to the World is more difficult with many requirements as well as needs a competent company to export toilet paper.

Require exporters of toilet paper

The company exports toilet paper to ensure basic requirement the following:

Toilet paper rolls small100% virgin pulp material
Large roll toilet paperNon-toxic chemicals
Multipurpose paperNo chemical bleaching
TissueNon-toxic impurities

In addition to the basic requirements for export toilet paper, the other contractual terms must be transparent and legal

Contact information for manufacturing and export toilet paper in Vietnam

Horeca Vietnam is a brand specializing in the manufacture and direct distribution of household toilet paper, industrial toilet paper, paper cutting machines, paper towels …

The company’s products are not only sold in the domestic market. The country is also exported to many countries such as Australia, Japan, Singapore …

Horeca Vietnam – brand challenge foreign brands!


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